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Rain Barrel Distribution - Torrance

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This can be found on a copy of your water bill.
By checking the box above, I understand that this program is being funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), through City of Torrance, and I understand by participating in this event, I am agreeing to a possible follow-up home visit to ensure the rain barrel(s) was installed properly. The City of Torrance wants to ensure residents are benefiting from their program and expect to visit 5 homes as a random sampling to measure the success of the free rain barrel program. If I am randomly selected for a follow-up visit, City of Torrance will work with me to limit any inconvenience. If I receive a rain barrel and do not allow a follow-up visit, I may be charged for the cost of the rain barrel(s) (valued at $75 each). Home visits will be conducted in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District Southern of California.