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The Week of Monday, April 24

Recycling uses for everyday objects:

  • Best reuses for a fabric softener sheet: Keep drawers and luggage fresh. Wipe the lint screen of your dryer. Clean lint and pet hair off furniture. Eliminate static cling in skirts by rubbing on pantyhose.
  • Use old Christmas cards as Christmas tags by simply cutting out the design on the card.
  • Recycle old cards by using the front panel as a post card.
  • Plastic soda bottle uses: Make a disposable funnel from the top half Cut a scoop from the bottom half, Or use the bottom half as a plant "greenhouse."
  • Best use for an empty pump top handsoap dispenser: Fill with liquid soap detergent.
  • Store onions in old pantyhose or nylons.
  • If your fan belt snaps, use a pair of pantyhose as a substitute. Cut to fit.


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