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The Week of Monday, December 17

10 Tips for Reuse:
1. Reuse your blankets and towels. Bring them to a local shelter that will be glad to put them to good use and give animals a soft, warm place to sit.
2. Reuse seeds from fruit and vegetables and try to grow them!
3. Reuse old plastic bags. There are 10 creative ways to reuse plastic bagshere.
4. Reuse paper bags as school book covers, or be a little more creative withthese ideas.
5. Cut used pieces of paper into scrap pieces of paper (a message pad!).
6. Reuse stove heat by opening up the stove once you are done with it and letting the warm air into your home in colder weather. Reuse the heat!
7. Reuse coffee grinds by keeping them aside and placing them into your garden or soil.
8. Reuse coffee that you don't drink by putting it over ice and placing it in the fridge for an iced coffee later.
9. Reuse Christmas trees (not the fake ones) by putting them outside for birds and letting it naturally break down.
10. Reuse packing peanuts, air pillows, bubble wrap and boxes for your own ebay shipping, or bring them by the local post office or recycling center for others to use.

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