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The Week of Monday, January 6

Set goals to reduce your water consumption:

  • Set specific water reduction goals -- for example, commit to using 20% less per month. To determine your overall water footprint, use the Water Footprint Calculator.
  • Determine a baseline to start reducing from. Print the energy and water consumption chart and post in a visible spot in your home.
  • Chart the number of gallons of water used in the last 12 months (for comparison to each month this year) (if water consumption is listed by CCF (hundred cubic feet), one CCF equals 748 gallons.
  • Make specific changes in products used and family member habits:
    • buy water saving products where needed
    • get your family involved by asking for specific changes in everyone's habits
  • Once a month, add the new usage information to the charts and make adjustments as needed to reach your goals
  • If you have children, increase their allowances by the amount saved to encourage them to get involved in finding new ways to conserve
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