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The Week of Monday, November 3

According to Energy Star, qualified ice machines are 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than standard models. For ice machines, the water savings can be a huge deal. Most ice machines use extra water to flush the system or to cool it in the case of water-cooled machines. This can waste an incredible amount of water.

That’s why Energy Star makes these recommendations:

  • Avoiding water-cooled machines entirely. No water-cooled ice machines currently have the Energy Star rating, though the EPA is investigating closed-loop water-cooled ice machines for certification. If you must have a water-cooled ice machine, check the Energy Star website for the latest information.
  • Bigger machines are more efficient than smaller ones, yet the price differences can be small. With research, you could get twice the amount of ice at half the energy cost per pound of ice.
  • Installing a timer to turn off the ice machine during the day and on at night can reduce demand on your building’s power supply.
  • Maintain your energy efficient ice machine by regularly cleaning the coils and adjusting the purge water timer so it doesn’t overuse water.


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